⚑ CTF Reloaded ⚑ Kits with special abilities ⚑ Multi games and teams ⚑

SpigotMC Plugin ⚑ CTF Reloaded ⚑ Kits with special abilities ⚑ Multi games and teams ⚑ R-0.2

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.12, 1.13

  • CTF Reloaded is a advanced minigames plugin works on Spigots servers.
  • Plugin has default twelve kits and some has special abilities. (Please scroll to 'Screenshots' for images)
    • Heavy - has not special abilities
    • Soldier - could jump on the walls
    • Medic - could cure teammates and throw webs
    • Archer - has not special abilities
    • Ninja - could teleport, blink enemies and be invisibility
    • Assasin - could get super speed and kill enemies by one hit
    • Mage - could shoot arrows and fireball, dump enemies to sky and freeze them
    • Engineer - could place turret which shoot to enemies
    • Necro - could place mob spawner which spawn mobs and mobs attack enemies
    • Chemist - (description soon)
    • Elf - (description soon)
    • Dwarf - receive a better sword or strength effect every 30 seconds
  • You could create game by enter manually data to config file.
  • You could create several games and teams.
  • You could create a new kits and modify default sets.
  • You could modify game time, disabled commands, team and self damage.
  • You could set permission for each kit.
  • Each flag has special particles to is apparent for players (See 'Screenshots' section).
  • Players have color nicknames on TAB and over head.
  • You could change all messages in config file.
  • Support for 1.12 and 1.13 version of Minecraft.
  • Spigot server
  • Java 8 or higher
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