♣ ChatControl Pro™ - Format and Filter Your Chat [1.7.10 - 1.15.2]

SpigotMC Plugin ♣ ChatControl Pro™ - Format and Filter Your Chat [1.7.10 - 1.15.2] 8.6.1

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  • Fix | Solved our JavaScript engine not being loaded for Minecraft 1.15.2, causing some issues with variable replacing.
Fixes New Crash Exploit
Note: Starting this release we are confident in that major stability issues have been resolved and this is the recommended release to set in production for large servers and networks. Thank you for your patience, drop us a quick review if you appreciate our hard work! Please note we still can't take new suggestions as working on recording new education content for Minecraft right now
  • New | You can now give warning points when players cross their max message threshold within a given time limit (see below).
  • Improve | Updated localization to use /chc ? instead of /chc list. List command has been removed in favor of the help command (/chc ?).
  • Improve | More stable clearing of data.db, preventing deadlocks. We now save a Last_Active flag directly to the file instead of reaching to OfflinePlayer in Bukkit that can cause a blocking request.
  • Fix | Solved the {nick} variable outputting an empty string if there is no nick. Now we just return the player name.
  • Fix | Solved "Server_Name" and "Console" keys always being updated in your localization files sometimes.
  • Fix | Solved loading issues on Minecraft 1.7.10.
  • Fix | Solved occasional "Player is not in X channel" issue when quitting the game.
Note: Please update BungeeControl.
  • New | Added a new option Start_For_Empty_Tell_Command that will automatically start conversation mode when you type /tell <player> command without the message.
  • Improve | Made /ignore command look up offline players asynchronously, preventing lag from waiting till Mojang servers translate name into UUID.
  • Fix | Solved null pointer exception when removing all aliases from some plugin commands.
  • Fix | Solved "cannot be fired async" problem sometimes when checking packet rules.
  • Misc | Added "discord-lag" debug section to measure DiscordSRV performance.