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Have you ever wanted a very nice hub for your Minecraft network? Well, look no further. I can guarantee you that this will be one of the best hub setups you will ever come across as there are so many unique features to this setup. These features will help make your network stand out. You are not just getting a hub setup, you are also getting a bungeecord setup to save you time and hassle trying to set it up yourself! Why buy any other setup?

Once this resource is purchased, it takes seconds to get your server up and running. The resource comes with useful information on what you can sell on your store, how to advertise to get players and much more.

★ Bungeecord Setup Included: a bungeecord server is included to save you time setting it up which means you can add your servers within a few seconds!
Outstanding Map: this beautiful map was built by a professional builder to ensure your players would be stunned when they see it. This map is truly stunning!
Spoiler: Lobby Screenshots
Decorated Map: the map is decorated with heads and furniture to make it more detailed. Not only it is extremely detailed, it looks very nice and makes your network one of the more unique ones out there.
Spoiler: Decorations
Banner Boards: these are here to replace the overused holograms. Just to make your server a bit more unique. These boards feature text and a background images. They stand out very well.
Spoiler: BannerBoards
Animated Server Selector: this comes with an animated compass GUI to make your server look super unique. You will not have any old boring server selector, you will have an amazing and extremely unique one! The background panes switch between 2 colors frequently.
Spoiler: Animated Server Selector
Server Music: that is right! There are over 79 different tracks like Nyan Cat, Gangman Style, The A Team, All Star and more. Your players would not stop listening to it!
Music Features
> Radio: players can join this to listen to the same thing as others.
> Shuffle: shuffles the tracks so you listen to something else.
Spoiler: Music
Pokemon Hunt: there is a pokemon hunt in the lobby for your players to find hidden pokemon. There are quite a few pokemon to find. Some are extremely hidden, some are in the open. Players get a reward when they find them.
Spoiler: Pokemon Hunt
26+ Gadgets: your players can obtain ammo for these gadgets in order for them to use the gadgets. They are pretty cool! Ammo can be bought with coins or won from the Treasure Chests. These gadgets are here for fun and some of them are very nice.
Spoiler: Gadgets
17+ Pets: these adorable creatures are there for your players to unlock. These creatures range from a chicken and a pig to a massive flying dragon and a mini wither!
Spoiler: Pets
16+ Trails: these stunning trails will make the player stand out and make them look cool! There are some truly unique ones. The trails follow and orbit your player to make you stand out from the rest.
Spoiler: Trails
14+ Mounts: your players can come and ride these creatures around the hub! This features a few horses, a hypercart and even a slime!
Spoiler: Mounts
★ 15+ Suit Pieces: ever wanted to wear some nice suits? Well now you can, these suits are very nice! The cool rave suits slowly change color over time. They are a great addition to your server to make it unique.

Spoiler: Suits

7+ Emotes: these are animated hats your players wear that can resemble an expression. These are nice emoticons which players can use to express what they are feeling.
Spoiler: Emotes
100+ Hats: these hats can be unlocked and your players can wear them! There are so many different hats which means there are so many hats to unlock!
Spoiler: Hats
Treasure Chests: players can obtain treasure keys and open treasure chests to gain gadget ammo, win morphs, mounts, emotes, suits, hats and more!
Spoiler: Treasure Chest
Player Settings: players can adjust their speed, visibility, flight, stacker, double jump and more!
Spoiler: Player Settings
Animated Scoreboard: this scoreboard has useful information and information about the servers on the bungeecord.
Spoiler: Animated Scoreboard
★ Daily Rewards: this will reward players. There is the member reward and the donator reward.
★ Coin System: this system ensures your players can earn coins and then spend those coins on cosmetics or crates.
★ Jump Pads: these jump pads will boost players into the air. A fun feature to the lobby!
★ Custom Join Message and Effects: whenever a player joins, it will state that in the chat. If the player is a donator or a staff member, special effects such as fireworks and sounds would be heard.
★ Custom Commands: useful commands have been added such as /help, /rules and /links which are configured.
★ Massive Portal: this portal can be used to teleport between servers.
Spoiler: Portal
★ Auto Broadcaster: this will send messages to all players at an interval to alert them and remind them of things.
★ Boss Bar Broadcaster: this broadcaster comes in different colors and looks pretty cool.
★ NPCs: these can be spotted nearly everywhere. They can be used to help players or teleport them between servers.
★ Decorated with Particles: cool looking particles could be seen which would make your server look very nice and professional.
★ MoTD and Server Icon: a very nice MoTD and server icon is provided.
Spoiler: MoTD
★ Tab list: a very nice and colorful tab list comes with this setup.
Spoiler: Tab
★ 3x Donator Ranks: you can sell this on your server store to generate income.
★ 7x Staff Ranks: give these to your staff members so they can help other players.
★ Colorful Name Tags with Prefixes: colorful name tags with the player's prefix could be seen.
★ [NEW] Levelling System: a new experience and levelling up system have been put in place. Experience is achieved from doing stuff around the lobby.
Spoiler: Levelling System
★ [NEW] Parkour: there is a parkour that goes around the lobby. It is not too hard and not too easy. The aim is to finish the parkour in the shortest time possible.
Spoiler: Parkour

And so much more...
Join the test server to see more features.


You can go on the server and test all of its features before you purchase it. The server is hosted in North America.

Server IP:
Slots: 250


You will need to connect with versions 1.8x-1.14.


I tried my hardest to limit the amount of premium plugins used in this setup to lower the costs for you. Luckily for you, you only have to purchase 1 premium plugin, if you haven't already. This plugin is completely OPTIONAL but is nice to have.

✯ (Optional) BannerBoard
(Optional) FeatherBoard:
this is used for the scoreboard. A free alternative plugin and configuration can be provided upon request.


These are some of the features that are coming soon to the setup:

[NEW v2.0] ✯ Add an experience system.
✯ Add a 'mystery box' system to join the Treasure Chest.
✯ More rewards from the Treasure Chest.
✯ Add limited edition ranks to the Treasure Chest.
[NEW v2.0] ✯ Add more "fun stuff" to the lobby.
[NEW v2.0] ✯ Add a parkour.
[NEW v2.0] ✯ Add new items to the hotbar.

[NEW v1.0.3] ✯ Add online/offline text for servers in the selector.

✯ Add quests to the lobby.


Do you need anything editing? Send me a message and I will edit them for free as long as I have sufficient time available to complete your request. If you need any support, have a suggestion or you have a custom request, send me a message.

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