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MC-Market Config [★] 430x Deluxe Tags (Configuration) ➤ A lot of Tags ✧ High Quality ✧ Great Value for Money!! 2018-10-19

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Do you want to reward the players on your server with a few cool-looking tags... or add them to the ranks... or sell them on your server store to make a quick buck? You're in the correct place, it is calculated that you pay £0.006 for one tag, you can sell a tag for a much higher price. This configuration has a large number of tags (428 to be exact) which you can use for anything. It does not just stop there, the configuration also adds a new and unique style to the inventory and the items.

After purchasing this resource, you will be able to download the files from the "your resources" section. The zipped folder contains the configuration, the plugin and the instructions text document which will guide you on how to install this on your server.

These are all the features that this resource has to offer:

430x Tags: there are a large number of tags. You can sell these and put them in your crates as a possible reward.
Custom Inventory: all the items and the inventory are uniquely configured and look pretty cool.
Custom Layout: when someone hovers over a tag, they will see a custom and unique layout.

Spoiler: Images

Only some tags are displayed above.
The screenshots may be outdated but not different.
Spoiler: Changing store link quickly.
I will show you how to replace the store link on all 400+ tags in a matter of seconds.
Open the configuration file.
2) Press the icon as shown in the screenshot.
3) Type in "" in the "find" space.
4) Type in your server shop in the "replace with" space.
5) Click the "replace all" button.

If you require any assistance or need something editing, you can message me either on discord or here, on mc-market. Additionally, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared your feedback and suggestions with me so that I can further improve this resource to make it the best on the market.

You can contact me through these platforms:
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