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MC-Market Setups ① FACTIONS SETUP | 20% off | ■ Custom menus ■ | Envoys | Koths | Bounties | Custom messages | ... 5.8

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Tired of boring faction resources? Want players rushing to hop on your server? Well, you've come to the right place. The newest factions resource personalized just for you. It offers numerous features such as custom menus, envoys, koths, scaffold, crates, bounties, preconfigured ranks, kits... I mean you name it, we've got it! Treat your players to a unique experience and keep them coming back over and over again.

[!] If you don't have a mcmarket account, buy it through sellfy, click here.

Custom menus | More than 5379 lines of custom menus, using base heads, titles, sounds, updating placeholders for factions, timers/placeholders on the main menu, etc...
6x | Donator ranks and 7x | Staff ranks
26x | Total kits "including crates stuff, donor kits, etc"
8000x8000 borders "Factions world" | 6000x6000 borders "flat end/nether worlds"
Scaffold/genbucket | Craftables scaffolds and genbuckets "cobblestone/sand"
Withdraw money/experience | Withdraw money into bank notes to trade it with other players.
Factions, power/members/chat.. all the messages were edited for a different look "colors, etc.."
Bounties | With a GUI to see all the currently bounties and a GUI leaderboard
Bartender | You will be able to try luck with the drinks, each drink have different chances
Particles/armorstands | We have particles arround all our factions setup for a better look, also we have particle when teleport to other players, warps, etc..
Images | Custom made images in map_id format for a better look
Auctions | Auctions, you will be able to sell/buy things in the auctioneer, and also BID
3x | Vote - Rare - Legendary crates, with a wheel opening effect and titles with your prize
Custom menus like main menu, factions interactable, warps, teleportation settings, etc..
Envoy | Available in the main lobby, with a custom holographic showing the stats, containing three different tiers, different rewards/chances, etc..
Jobs and MCMMO | See your stats in images "main lobby", custom scoreboard when levelup, etc..
Custom enchantments, contains a custom menu with base heads to buy scrolls, dust and, lost books and enchantments information
Featherboard custom configurations when joining, mcmmo levelup, and the general one
Blowable obsidian, you will be able to break obsidian exploding it with tnt and other explosions
Custom enderchests | Different tiers with different rows. It depends on your rank
Balance - TOP GUI | See the richest people through a GUI
More fishes added | Fishes contests every day at 18:00 hours, you can sell all the fishes at the fisherman "in the main lobby".
Leaderboard with leaderheads | A zone exclusively for the leaderboard, signs customized and all messages edited.
Menu for tpa/tphere | A menu with all online players where you will be able to select them to teleport to him.
▪ Much more..

Spoiler: Others

Premium plugins used [Not included, only the configuration folder will be given]

▪ Featherboard [Optional]
▪ MCMMO [Can be downloaded for free, also if you want to support the developer you can purchase it]
Shopgui+ [Needed]
▪ FactionsUUID [Optional, you can use this setup as survival too]
▪ Voteparty [Optional for votes]
▪ Bannerboard [Optional for jobs/mcmmo images]
▪ Koths by subside [Optional for koths]
▪ Leaderheads [Optional for leaderboard zone]

To-do list | [✈] - Soon [✔] - Done [✘] - Not started yet
[✈] More KOTHS
[?] Your suggestions

▪ You can not dispute/chargeback
▪ You can not share this setup to anyone
▪ You can not can not claim it as your own
▪ You can not resell this piece of work or configurations inside it.

If you need any help, contact me through PM.

Don't review the resource for BUGS/ERRORS, PM me instead. Remember, if you find a bug tell me via PM and I will fix it as soon as possible.
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